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  An Act of Self-Defense
                                            by Erne Lewis

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An Act of Self-Defense
Our liberty—our right to own ourselves and make our own choices—is inexorably shrinking as our government expands its control over every facet of our lives. But is deadly force justified against the politicians who have stolen our liberty and our lives? A few libertarians face just that issue in An Act of Self-Defense.

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WARREN C GIBSON calls An Act of Self Defense "A gripping novel"

"The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, said Thomas Jefferson. Erne Lewis does a terrific job of adapting this theme to 21st-century America

Like Atlas Shrugged, his story is set in an immediate future where the economy is collapsing, and more so than in Atlas, personal freedoms are vanishing. Unemployment is at 20 percent and all communications are recorded and tracked by the NSA. RFID badges are worn by all federal employees and will soon be required for all citizens. A small group of patriots takes matters into their own hands, and the action is fast and furious.

Lewis draws the correct battle lines of our time: not left versus right but libertarian versus fascist. The f-word correctly describes anyone on the left or right who would use government power to suppress personal or economic freedom while leaving nominal ownership in private hands.  The novel’s villains are of both stripes, some of them decent people who entered politics with good intentions but became corrupted.  That leaves libertarians as the only consistent defenders of what Ludwig von Mises called the “Free and Prosperous Commonwealth” founded on the rule of law, particularly respect for property rights.

I had to wonder, when reading his portrayals of atrocities committed by government agents: How much of this is fiction?  Can they do such things?  Are they close? Have they already?  The Patriot Act is law, so the atrocities seem disturbingly plausible. . . Like Rand, Lewis gives us heroes who are inspirational and yet of this world.  They are intelligent, fun-loving, and dedicated to their cause. If there’s anything the young people are starving for these days, it’s heroes such as these.”

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Philip Blumel, the president of U.S. Term Limits says "An Act of Self-Defense is a page-turner . . . it shows, rather dramatically, how the Patriot Act and other Congressional excesses can be . . . misused to harass innocent Americans by overly aggressive law enforcement . . . Lewis has done his homework, both on the term limits issue and on the new-fangled powers government has usurped by exploiting people's fear of Muslim terrorists following 9/11."

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Gary Gibson, Managing Editor Laissez Faire's Whiskey and Gunpowder said "A little while back I recommended An Act of Self-Defense, a work of fiction in which a group of patriots take it upon themselves to enforce term limits on the U.S. Congress by any means necessary . . .  I’m recommending it again . . .  Understand that I am against acts of non-retaliatory violence. Like most liberty-lovers I live by the non-aggression axiom. But this book is a great read that illustrates just how far removed the political class has gotten from those they are supposed to serve. Violence is a desperate act and these people are indeed desperate. Ultimately, however, their actions really are ones of self-defense."

Of 161 reviews—136 ***** 19 four-star and only 6 three stars and below—several readers compared the novel
to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and a few to George Orwell’s 1984, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World
or Michael Chrichton’s State of Fear. As a thriller it has also been compared
to several of Tom Clancy’s early novels, and Frederick Forsyth’s Day of the Jackal
Out of more than 5,000 political thrillers
An Act of Self-Defense was ranked #1 by Amazon reader reviews
in 8 of the last 11 months.
*****GEN LAGRECA  Author of NOBLE VISION, the award-winning novel of a doctor and patient's fight for freedom of choice against a state-run health system. “An Act of Self-Defense is a riveting tale from a master storyteller! . . . He combines an impassioned call for liberty with a crisp writing style that draws us down into the trenches as eyewitnesses to the action. Skillfully woven into the plot is a look at term limits from the perspective of Thomas Jefferson, the framing of the Constitution, and the original intent of creating citizen-legislators, so this novel also gives a fascinating glimpse at the ideas that created our country. The author offers controversial characters, startling actions, and a question: Is deadly force justified to defend liberty? You, the reader, will decide.”
*****LEW R.
“Michael Crichton wrote a suspenseful and spine-tingling techno-thriller about "global warming." So why can't Erne Lewis write a suspenseful and spine-tingling techno-thriller about . . . term limits?  He has, and the comparison with Crichton is apt. I have not read a novel that handled ongoing suspense as well as Crichton's "State of Fear" until I read Lewis' "An Act of Self-Defense," pretty much in one sitting. I could not put it down.
By comparing Lewis with Crichton, I mean to imply that Lewis has mastered the technical craft of writing -- dialog, plot, etc. -- to the extent that while reading the book, one forgets all about such things. One is just swept up in the story. One wonders, where has Lewis been? Is this really his first book?
Lewis's politics are obviously libertarian, similar to Crichton's and Ayn Rand's, but this book is no Atlas Shrugged. For one thing, Lewis' characters are more realistic. Lovers have spats that start from overly sensitive misinterpretations of ordinary gestures, and then spin out of control. There is actual character development -- what a pleasant surprise! And the political screeds are mercifully short, believable, and actually part of the plot. Many readers of John Galt's long speech start skimming after a while, but the brief press releases of Lewis' TLR must be read carefully, not to miss a clue.
One is reminded of dystopian novels like Orwell's "1984," and Huxley's "Brave New World." But the most frightening thing about Lewis' book is the extent to which the horrible things in it are all individually, if in limited cases, already happening today. Already persons are imprisoned indefinitely in secret, without legal counsel, on mere allegations of connections to "terrorism." Already SWAT teams without warrants are killing the wrong people by accident, and wantonly destroying property, without suffering any consequences. Already various unpleasant forms of coercion are used to extract "confessions" from innocent persons. Already the political class blatantly deals from the bottom of the deck.

Recently I heard that Dianne Feinstein's husband has won the nationwide contract for disposing of unwanted post office assets. Really? Local real estate agents don't know their markets better than Mr. Blum? According to Wikipedia, Ms. Feinstein is the fifth wealthiest U. S. Senator. They have no shame, and nothing will happen to them. They rule, and we submit.

Does our submission have moral limits? Can violent revolutions ever be morally justified? Our Founding Fathers wrestled with these questions, and wrote the Declaration of Independence to explain how the American People viewed such matters. But we live in different times, and different circumstances. Lewis provides no clear answers in this book, but readers will be led to ask themselves disturbing questions.”
“I rarely finish books quickly but I read An Act of Self-Defense in little more than a day, literally unable to stop. This novel is so good, so fast paced and compellingly presented, that friends you buy it for will not even realize they've been immersed in liberty's brine until they emerge pleasantly and fully pickled. And they will have discovered a stronger love for liberty and for those who defend it than they ever knew before. The communiqués to Congress and the public from the libertarian protagonists are among the most concise explanations of libertarianism I've ever read. Kudos to Erne Lewis for his compelling and thrilling first novel.”
 *****  TOM CANNON     
“I was up very late last night reading An Act of Self-Defense. A few novels, such as Atlas Shrugged, have changed the world view of many people. This novel strikes me as one of these. I wholeheartedly encourage others to buy and read this wonderful book.”
“Best novel since Atlas Shrugged! Erne Lewis really has his thumb on the pulse of America. An Act of Self-Defense is a real page turner. It's the best novel I've read since Atlas Shrugged ...”
“This book must become a movie. I couldn't put it down. The last time I've been this engaged was "Atlas Shrugged." If you care about America's loss of freedom, you must read it.
***** D. BUXMAN 
As a work of political fiction about government power run amok, one would expect the author to have to take some liberties with the structure of the legal system in order to tell his story. Sadly enough, in my professional opinion as an attorney, each of the abuses of power that the author references in telling this story are not only possible, but are happening today. Through the Patriot Act and the unfettered use of executive orders under the guise of security measures, our government today can and does listen to our private conversations without a warrant and can arrest us without bringing charges. "Enemy Combatants," and "Suspected Terrorist," have no legal rights even if they are United States citizens. Our President believes he has the power to order the assassination of any American that he deems to be a terrorist without the benefit of a trial. The problem with this approach is that anyone who disagrees with an administration and voices that disagreement can be labeled a terrorist.
This book is gripping and fast paced. Character development is superb and the message is wonderfully delivered. Anyone that believes in the principles of liberty that made this country great will enjoy this book.
New Atlas Shrugged!  A must read for every American. Should be mandatory reading for all students. A contemporary view of how government attempts to control every aspect of our lives. I haven't read anything since Atlas Shrugged that so awakened me to how we are being used by power hungry, corrupt Washington insiders.
***** TAPPIN
A political thriller that hits too close to home. While I love Flynn, Clancy, Silva, and others, Mr. Lewis has written a story in which I felt I participated. He delves deeper into the political process and the issues facing us right now. I appreciated how his story would actually educate a non-political person and help them understand how the political process worked and the dangers to our freedoms. All the while keeping them on the edge of their seat.
A high octane, adrenaline-powered debut novel. Lewis puts the reader into the most important issues we face today. He tells the story in a way that puts us there naturally with well developed and intriguing characters at war with a smothering and corrupt government. It's a powerful argument for individual liberty that kept me reading until I finished. And still, two weeks later I can't stop thinking about it.
Not since George Orwell's "1984" has a book been written that shows a more plausible future for this country. Erne Lewis has looked at the politics of our great nation and shown us the direction we are headed, and it should scare the hell out of all of us. The premise is uncannily accurate. This is a must read for every adult that is concerned about the future generations. I enjoyed the book, but it is not for the faint of heart. It is very graphic sometimes, but never dull
The author turns a spotlight on the most significant problem our nation has had to deal with, and hasn't . . . power hungry professional politicians. He clearly explains why term limits are a necessity and the difficulty of implementing them. He does it in an interesting, edge of your chair political suspense novel.  You owe it to yourself to enjoy his writing and to your country and your family to heed the warning because our nation is in grave danger . . . 
I've bought 5 more and am going to be passing them out to folks who might find such a story of interest. I initiated this after reading it the second time. I'd read An Act of Self-Defense several months ago and it was even more riveting the second time.
***** K K HALE
An Act of Self-Defense is an edge-of-your-seat ride from beginning to end. This political thriller provides tense moments and tears and really makes you unable to put it down until the end. The characters are well thought out. The sensibilities of the main players,  which ebb and flow with the events keep you wondering what their next act will  be - agents who may or may not commit treason; freedom fighters who may or may not give in. It makes you wonder how far you would go yourself and truly think deeply about the direction our country is heading in the present.
It is amazing to me that this is a first novel for Erne Lewis. What a talent! This book flows with skill and confidence as from a seasoned, award-winning writer. I found it to be all at once thought-provoking, eye-opening, prophetic, exciting and inspiring. I believe that Thomas Jefferson is thinking Mr. Lewis has done a great job "carrying the torch" for the "land of the free and the home of the brave". I was not able to put down this fast-paced, gripping, political cliff-hanger. I shall be sending copies to thinking, open-minded family members, friends and acquaintances who love our country and Liberty. It would make a great film!!! I sincerely thank Mr. Lewis for this exceptional and timely literary piece.

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